Frequent Ask Question (FAQ)
  • What does KUBIQ stand for?

The name KUBIQ derives from the term “Cube” and “IQ”. KUBIQ accentuates a combination of Cube and Intellectual Quotient, allowing our customers to integrate their Intellectual Quotient into their Kitchen Planning and design.

  • How is KUBIQ different from any other brand?

We are specialists in the Kitchen Cabinet industry, where we are able to address customers’ wants and needs professionally. Also, KUBIQ provides a “wait-no-more” service, where the purchasing process is quick, without needing our customers to wait too long or being stuck in long queues.

  • I am still unclear about KUBIQ’s business model, could you please further elaborate?

For additional information on KUBIQ, do not hesitate to contact us at +603 6148 8929. Our sales guides will attend to your enquiries.

  • How many types of table tops and cabinet materials do you have?

KUBIQ offers three types of work tops:

  1. HPL worktop

  2. Egger worktop

  3. Solid surface

As for cabinet materials, the options are as follows:

  1. ABS Melamine

  2. Spray Paint

  3. UV Gloss

  4. Acrylic High Gloss

  • Why are my options for the materials limited?

KUBIQ has a variety of materials for customers to choose from. However, unlike the conventional custom make kitchens, we have certain limitations to the spectrum of materials available. This is in to achieve high quality products at competitive prices.

  • Does KUBIQ have warranty for their products?

Yes, KUBIQ provides up to 1 year warranty for their cabinets, table tops, hardware, accessories, and more. Warranty details can be viewed here.

For further information on the warranty provided, kindly contact our sales guide at +603 6148 8929 or visit a showroom near you.

  • When can I expect to receive my KUBIQ products upon purchasing?

Once payment is made, customers can usually receive their purchases within 14 days.

  • How long would it take for the whole process to complete, from purchasing to installation?

The whole process from purchasing to installation usually takes approximately 14 – 21 working days.

  • Is there any deposit required prior to purchasing the cabinets?

No deposit is required before a purchase is made. KUBIQ only requires customers to make a full payment upon confirmation. However, during exhibitions, customers are obligated to pay a 10% deposit to lock down certain promotions which are only obtainable during these exhibitions.

  • Why doesn’t KUBIQ provide 3D designs or drawings? I find it hard to imagine the design and colours to be installed in my kitchen.

We do provide non-colour 3D drawings to our customers for a small fee of RM 50 per piece. As for 3D colour drawings, there will be a fee of RM 150 per piece; however, currently we do not provide the 3D colour drawing service.

  • Should I find a purchased material which is faulty, how do I get a return or refund on the item?

For any issues regarding a return or refund, kindly contact our sales guide at +603 6148 8929. Alternatively, you can choose to e-mail us at along with a picture of the faulty material.

  • Should I face any difficulties with the contractor during the delivery or installation process, who should I send in my complaint to?

If you ever face any issues with our third party contractor, please do not hesitate to contact out technical support department at (03-62867000, Ext 7034)

  • If my cabinets are not installed properly by the contractor, how do I overcome the problem?

If you ever face any issues with our third party contractor, please do not hesitate to contact out technical support department at (03-62867000, Ext 7034)